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BAD HANDS LA is a tattoo shop in LA, California.
We also have 2 shops in Japan and one in South Korea.
At BAD HANDS LA, you can not only get tattooed, but grills and pierced.
Compare to other shops, we have guest artists from Japan and South Korea on a regular basis.



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Directed by @themexicanfly VIDEO UPDATE (free tattoos) Please share & read the description @highbie was a victim of a robbery, where his tattoo shop was burglarized. Leaving the tattoo artist hopeless and devastated . A GoFund me account was started to help the artist get back on his feet. We reached his goal in record time simply amazing. The tattoo shop known as @badhands_la in Korea Town. Will be giving free tattoos as soon they reopen. It’s his way of giving back and showing appreciation to all his supporters. You can see here in the video where he starts to thank you, but suddenly breaks down. We had to cut filming for a second to let the artist catch his breath and wipe the tears of joy from his face. Thank you to all who helped this amazing artist. From donations, to liking, commenting and sharing his story. Everyone of you goes unnoticed, thanks again. Remember the media does not cover what happens to the Asian community in Korea Town. They are a easy target that deals with multiple levels of theft, burglary, and vandalism. Hiro’s story at Bad Hands LA, has brought light to the Asian community. A reminder of what they face living in Korea Town. Please share and pass this video along. Look out for updates gearing towards the shops reopening and when to come and get a free tattoo Thanks again 🙏🏽 #koreatown #koreatownla #losangeles #free #tattoos #tattoo #lifestyle #life #lifeisgood #lifeisbeautiful #love #beauty #beautiful #people #pleaseshare #thankful #thankyou